I was bored and I couldn’t find anything interesting to do at home, so I decided to go to the library. The evening was pretty warm with a light breeze, and lots of people were out enjoying the rare summer weather.

I was standing by the fountains, which filled a square sort of like a shallow pond. I spotted some children playing with an adorable lab.

The next thing I knew, I was in the water, soaking wet and probably looking as baffled as I felt.

“Are you OK?! I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there,” a boy said, sheepishly . I sat up and looked at the boy who had extended a hand to help me up.

He was about my age, maybe a bit older. He had slanted eyes and jet black hair. He was wearing a white shirt with some black jeans. That was odd since it was very warm today.

I ignored his hand and moved to get up myself. I began moving towards the edge…and then my foot caught on something and I slipped.

To my humiliation, the boy seemed to be trying to control his laughter. He extended his hand again, and this time I had the good sense to accept his help. He helped me up and out of the water.

Once I was standing on dry ground, water dripping off of me, I noticed his camera. It was on the ground by what looked like a bag for the camera and a skateboard.

“What were you trying to take a picture of when you pushed me in?” I asked the boy.

My question made him blush. He looked kind of cute when he blushed. Wait-

“The tower during sunset. It really stands out against the soft hues of the sky around this time.” he responded before I could begin pondering the nature of my thoughts.

I turned to look at the tower, which had a clock at the top. He was right, the view from here would make a great picture.

“Well, I certainly hope it was worth it.” I said as I wrung my long brown hair, trying to get the water out.

Again, the boy blushed. But he didn’t disagree with my statement.

“So, why were you taking a picture?” I asked him.

“What do you mean ‘why?'” he asked, looking as confused as if I had asked him where to go to photograph some aliens.

“Why? Is it a hobby? Is it an assignment? Were you actually stalking someone?” He started laughing at my outrageous guesses.”Or did you just want to push me into the water?”I expanded.

His laughter stopped and his face became apologetic again.

“Oh, no. I really didn’t mean to push you in,” he apologized again.

“It’s OK. You know, I think I’ll live. But really, why?” I repeated.

“Oh that. Hobby I guess. I’m doing a challenge on Twitter.” He finally explained.

The light breeze made me shiver.

“Tell you what, we can go get some coffee and you can continue your interrogation while we drink?” he asked, noticing my shivering.

“That isn’t necessary, really.” I began.

“I insist.” he interrupted.

After a short stare off while I debated my options, I grudgingly agreed. We started walking towards one of the little shops surrounding the library.

“I’m Alexander by the way,” he informed me.


The End

I wrote this as a writing exercise, and thought why not post it? It was inspired by a boy I saw, riding around on a skateboard with a camera. He didn’t push me into the water, and I didn’t ask him about his camera. Although I really wanted to. But that’s the point of the exercise, to create a scene from a single curious observation. I hope you enjoyed it :).