Who is your muse

That which you use

To rouse

Your artistic talents?


Is she Calliope

Of epic poetry

Daring you to dream

To hope

And to write?


Is she Clio

Of history

Showing you the past

Full of mistakes and mystery

From which we learn?


Is she Erato

Of love song

Who brings words to life

Men and women to passion

Through plainsong?


Is she Euterpe

Of lyric poetry

Of words

So beautiful

They sound like song?


Is she Melpomene

Of tragedy

Where despair

And misery

Are the best inspiration?


Is she Polymnia

Of sacred hymn

Of harmony


And devout?


Is she Terpsichore

Of dance

Music and movement

Strength and balance

Joined in this magnificent art?


Is she Thalia

Of comedy

Full of quick wit

Making light

Of every situation?


Is she Urania

Of astronomy

Guiding you

To the stars

And beyond?


Now tell me, who is your muse

That which rouses you

And brings you to use

Your artistic talents?

A little greek mythology lesson, within a poem. I suppose that makes my muse Calliope;)? Although this isn’t really a narrative…Oh well. Let me know who your muse is in the comments:)!