The friends that I have are perfect.

I feel we were fated to meet,

By design,

Of some divine,

Otherworldly power


How else could we be alike,

While being different


How else could we,

Agree to disagree,

Without any real feud


How else could we,

Understand each other,

Without a single word uttered


How else could we,

Talk for hours on end

While feeling,

Only minutes have passed


How else could we,

Have imagined our futures,

Knowing we will know each other,

Forever and ever


How else could I,

Feel kinship,

As strong as with my family,

After having known them,

For so little time


I can tell them anything,

I tell them everything,

I appreciate their presence in my life,

Even if I don’t say so


I don’t want to lose them,

And while one has moved away,

I refuse to forget,

Or give up,

Our friendship


I know this isn’t an item,

Or really even a single experience,

But they have enriched so many of my experiences


My friends are one part of my life,

That I believe is truly,


As if they were designed,

Especially for me


Image: Google, Flickr