Odyssey In Atlantis



Every Choice

Every choice you make,

Shapes your path

Every chance you take,

Changes your fate

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But I Can

Visits to old graves,

Fears I thought buried,

Resurface around me,

Like ghosts


Thoughts choke me,

My will breaking,

As they seek control,


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Farewell to the World

Choking on nothing,

A lake falling from my eyes,

I hurt,

But I don’t know why


All I want,

Is to be alone,

To be alone with my thoughts,

Depressing as they might be


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To Those I Will Never Know…

Isn’t it strange,

How we go through life,


We touch so many people’s lives,

Yet don’t know them at all


All around are people I will never know,

Hundreds upon hundreds,

Thousands upon thousands

But without them,

My life would be incomplete

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In The Moment

Live in the moment,

‘Cause when it’s gone,

It’s gone


Don’t live in fear of tomorrow,

Or stuck in yesterday

When the real gift,

Is today

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Castle of Glass

I live in a castle of glass,

Where words hold weight

And too much weight,

Could cause my castle to break


If I say the wrong thing,

If I don’t do something just right,

Someone will break,

My castle of glass

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Before The Council

When I finally woke,

My head was pounding,

I looked around for the stardust I hid in my cloak,

Hopefully the Guardian hadn’t found it

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Running From My Nightmare

Head, pounding for hours

Throat burning, hoarse

Breath coming in fast, shallow


How do I run,

From this nightmare,

If it exists in my head

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Witch Hunters and Stardust

Night was approaching fast,

And I’d only just made it to the market,

Creatures of all kinds running past,

Blast, I should have brought a basket


Where else would I hide,

The stardust if I found any,

Hopefully I wouldn’t be denied,

Though booths there were plenty

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