Odyssey In Atlantis

Farewell to the World

Choking on nothing,

A lake falling from my eyes,

I hurt,

But I don’t know why


All I want,

Is to be alone,

To be alone with my thoughts,

Depressing as they might be


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My Map for 2017

So, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and create a list of resolutions and changes for the new year. So here is my map for our new adventure, in 2017:

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Bye Bye 2016

2016 has been a real roller coaster. Some very important things have happened, and I’ve learned a lot about myself this year.

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Everybody dies, But not every body lives

Everybody dies,

But not every body lives

Not everybody tries,

Not everybody finds the courage


Everybody fears,

Being alone,

Being rejected,

Being a failure

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Hearts Break in Silence

My heart breaks in silence,

No one else hears it,

And at some point,

I give up trying to explain

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My Glass Cage Revealed

To have never loved is better than to have loved and lost.

If you never try, you never feel the sting of failure.

If you never have hope, your illusion never has to break.

If you never dream, you never have to be woken up.

And right now, I wish I had never dreamed, hoped, tried.

What’s the point if your only going to be silenced, grounded and denied?

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To Those I Will Never Know…

Isn’t it strange,

How we go through life,


We touch so many people’s lives,

Yet don’t know them at all


All around are people I will never know,

Hundreds upon hundreds,

Thousands upon thousands

But without them,

My life would be incomplete

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In The Moment

Live in the moment,

‘Cause when it’s gone,

It’s gone


Don’t live in fear of tomorrow,

Or stuck in yesterday

When the real gift,

Is today

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No One Should

No one should live in fear because to leave is shameful,

No one should be driven to suicide because of abuse,

No one should be forced to do things they don’t want to,

No one’s voice should be silenced ¬†and,

No one should be denied basic human rights,

Not because of something as simple and uncontrollable as gender,

We are all human and we all deserve the same fundamental rights and freedoms.

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