Choking on nothing,

A lake falling from my eyes,

I hurt,

But I don’t know why


All I want,

Is to be alone,

To be alone with my thoughts,

Depressing as they might be


I can’t see a future,

My sight is blurry,

My voice gone,

My hearing blocked,

My feelings overwrought


I don’t know why,

I have everything,

But something seems to be missing,

Something I had before


Peace of mind, perhaps

Or ignorance,

For once knowledge is learned,

How does one unlearn


I can’t seem to find,

Any beam of light,

So try as I might,

I can’t cheer up


For those that I love,

I so wish I could,

For there is no reason to my unhappiness,

For they need not suffer


But I am lost,

In swirling darkness,

In an abyss,

Separate from the world


I see people trying to find me,

To help me out

But how can they find me,

If I fail at every attempt


I am going nowhere,

Stuck in the same place,

I don’t do anything,

For it feels far too late


No one is going to save me,

And I can’t save myself,

I suppose this is my goodbye,

My farewell to the world