2016 has been a real roller coaster. Some very important things have happened, and I’ve learned a lot about myself this year.

One of my best friends moved away, making me realize how much my friends mean to me. And making me realize that no amount of distance can destroy our friendship, which has become incredibly strong in a relatively short period of time (but I’m 16, so to me it’s been forever).

I started a blog, deciding to (finally) put myself out there. Thank you to everyone who follows me! I’m glad you like my poems, and I intend to keep them coming.

I tried a taco for the first time! They are pretty good :).

I got a Facebook, the only social media with an actual picture of me. I only got it because I made it to model Parliament, which is another thing I did this year. I applied and was accepted into this program.

I joined DECA with my friend, and we were in the top ten (my exam score was in the top 10 for our event) and we made it to provincials!

I decided to take AP courses, and I will be missing 4 or 5 days in that semester, so we’ll see how that goes.

I realized through fast-tracking that summer school is a breeze. And that universities realize this and adjust your marks accordingly.

I can get a 96 in Academic Math. I can also get an 84. But I am actually glad I had this setback. It has given me a more informed perspective about how many other people approach math class, and it has taught me how strong those people are. I didn’t fully understand how hard it is to keep trying despite being knocked down over and over again. This has given me something to work hard towards.

I love learning about history. And I can write some great essays, provided I get to choose a topic I am interested in.

That was 2016 for me, at a glance. I hope that you all had, if not a good year, at least an informative one. 🙂