Everybody dies,

But not every body lives

Not everybody tries,

Not everybody finds the courage


Everybody fears,

Being alone,

Being rejected,

Being a failure


But that shouldn’t stop you,

It doesn’t stop others

From doing what it is,

That they are meant to do


The only smooth mountains,

Are man-made pyramids

I find those are harder to climb,

Than the ones set out by the earth


There is no short cut,

And yes, life is rigged

But that just means,

You can appreciate better,

The hard work you’ve put in,

And the amazing result you’ve gotten out


No one said life would be easy,

And if it was, it would be boring

Because you don’t grow from things,

That don’t challenge you


So don’t go through life,

Having never lived,

Own your struggle,

Own your destiny,

Own your life

And live it to its fullest

Image: Google, Pixabay