My heart breaks in silence,

No one else hears it,

And at some point,

I give up trying to explain


Every thought,



Of you hurts


Some days,

I wish we’d never met

And others,

I can’t imagine having not met


But now you’re gone,


You won’t be coming back,

For no one, not even you,

Can defy death


But my foolish mind,

Refuses to accept your loss

My foolish heart,

Remembers to beat particularly loud,

Every time the door bell rings


There is no where for me to go,

Where you won’t be on my mind

And no matter how hard I try to let go,

Without you, no peace can I find


I know now,

That hearts break in silence

And only the broken,

Can make out their sound

I am one of those broken ones now


Image: Google, Public Domain Pictures