Isn’t it strange,

How we go through life,


We touch so many people’s lives,

Yet don’t know them at all


All around are people I will never know,

Hundreds upon hundreds,

Thousands upon thousands

But without them,

My life would be incomplete


Every person is a puzzle piece,

That somehow fits into the world

The heroes,

The villains,

And the nobodies


But even nobodies are somebodies,

To those close to them

And even if I don’t know them,

They leave a mark on me,

And affect my choices


Without the decisions they make,

I would not be able to make mine

And without mine,

They would not be able to make theirs


Everyone is interconnected,


Into the fabric of reality

And while we don’t know each other,

We rely on each other


Perhaps one day,

We shall know why

We are important,

To those we touch,

But will never know

Eek. I forgot to post last week (more on that in a post later this week), so we’ll just pretend I posted this yesterday ;). Enjoy!

Image: Google, Pexels