When I finally woke,

My head was pounding,

I looked around for the stardust I hid in my cloak,

Hopefully the Guardian hadn’t found it


I was in a dark room,

Made of stone bricks,

Which felt more like a tomb,

How on earth did I get into this fix


Obviously the walls and door were spelled,

Or I’d have been out of there in seconds,

I wanted out so I yelled,

A guard walked in brandishing a weapon


“What is with all the noise,

Don’t worry, we’ll get to you soon enough”

He said with the voice of Guardian boys,

Still more smooth than rough


He exited my cell,

Leaving me alone once more,

I began to feel unwell,

And I sank to the floor


A few hours later,

A different Guardian walked in,

To take me to my arbitrators,

So far from neutral it was a sin


I was bound in chains,

To impede any chance of my escape,

I suppose the Guardians occasionally used their brains,

But soon, I hope, they will make a mistake


I followed him without a word,

For what did I have left to say,

Nothing I said would even be heard,

They would just go on with their day


We came to a room with a large wooden door,

Filled with aged Guardians, fools really

They looked as if this was a boring chore,

Probably because they sat freely


I stood before the council,

As calmly as I could,

And they grew ever so still,

I instantly knew I would be misunderstood


“Raven Shadowood, you have broken the laws,

That keep all of us safe,

Would you enlighten us as to the cause,

To why you chose to misbehave?”


Misbehave? Like I was a child,

Who would play along with his games,

Oh, now he had me riled,

I would certainly settle his wild claims


“I betrayed your so called fair laws,

To do what you haven’t,

That is my cause,

I do apologize, I did not ask for your consent”


“Your attitude won’t do you any favours,

So I would suggest you put aside your vanity,

Your offense being that you bought illegal material from stores,”

Oh these men of insanity


“I stand by my statement,

You are not doing your job,

I did try to be patient,

I couldn’t wait so I took action rather than sob”


The old man was done with me,

I could tell,

But one of the younger ones seemed to agree,

Hopefully he could keep me out of a cell


“She seems to know something about this case,

Perhaps we should let her help us,”

He said with a  poker face,

And the Guardians began to discuss


Eventually the original Guardian spoke,

“We have made our decision,”

He began while moving his cloak,

“You shall continue your quest under supervision”


I was shocked to say the least,

But he continued as if he hadn’t heard my gasp,

“You shall hunt the beast,

With one of our own,” he finished, sounding rasp


“Thank you,” I said,

Despite my irritation with being supervised,

I bowed my head,

Quickly, before their decision they revised


I suppose it is not the worst outcome,

Though rather unexpected,

How could that young Guardian have come,

And without repercussions, in their conversation interjected


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