It’s my birthday!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Except for the part where today was awful. My teachers informed me that:

  • I have a test on Friday
  • I have a 2 page analysis due Friday
  • I have a math test tomorrow (I knew about this but still)
  • I got so much homework today form one class in particular

Other than that I wasted 2 periods today, 1 because I don’t have a phone and the other because I planned to study at home. Yeah, not the best day. But it’s OK. I got this. Just gotta take it one thing at a time.

Anyway, I’m so happy to have so many followers! I just checked it and it said 26. I was shocked. I’m glad you guys like my stuff :D. I’ll try to my best to keep it coming!

Image: Google, Publicdomainpictures