A cliché back to school post…but hey, the clichés are clichés for a reason, right ;). Also, heads up because I have no idea where this post is going but let’s see.

Does anyone else feel like there are 2 (or 3< depending on which ones you celebrate) ‘new years’ in a year? There is the one on New Year’s, January 1st. And then I feel like there is one when school starts. You do the whole making resolutions thing (I’m not going to procrastinate, I’ll get a 90 in English, I’ll keep my stuff organized etc. etc.). And then 2 weeks later you forget all about them.

Anyway, school is going to get hectic fast. I am trying to use and agenda to keep myself organized though (it’s only the first week, so we’ll see how it goes). This year I will be trying to:

  • Survive  Succeed Excel in school (academics and extracurriculars)
  • Try to figure something out about my future (I know I’m young…but I’m starting to feel old)
  • Fulfill my responsibilities as a volunteer
  • Continue blogging (poetry yay!!!)
  • Take part in Blogwarts

I haven’t mentioned Blogwarts yet. A fellow blogger is organizing it (and it’s really cool and awesmazing!). I am a gryffindraft! 😀 If you want to know more or join, go to averyawkwardblog.wordpress.com. The competition is underway and it’s very exciting! The people in my house are super nice, talented and just amazing in general.

I look forward to a challenging year (I like challenges) though by the end I will probably just be glad it’s over. I dearly miss one of my most treasured friends who moved away, and while this year would have been 10 times more amazing with her here, I will try to live through it to the best of my ability.

OK my ramble of a post is finished. See you guys next time!

Image: Google, Pixabay