Night was approaching fast,

And I’d only just made it to the market,

Creatures of all kinds running past,

Blast, I should have brought a basket


Where else would I hide,

The stardust if I found any,

Hopefully I wouldn’t be denied,

Though booths there were plenty


But this was the midnight market,

Where magic was constantly present,

Patrolled by Guardians, who caused quite a fuss

Already, I picked up on their particular magic’s scent


I finally found,

The booth I’d been looking for

I made sure to look around,

I saw no Guardians so I entered through the open door


The size of the booth outside was a lie,

Since the inside had been spelled to be larger,

Luckily I had more than my eyes upon which to rely,

Now to get what I needed and make a quick departure


“Say, Theadora

Would you happen to have any stardust,”

I asked as I picked up on her aura,

The aura of the dead, full of darkness and blood lust


Theadora was a ghost,

Bound to this booth by her master,

She didn’t threaten most,

But not much got past her


There was the Guardian last winter,

Found in pieces, covered in blood

There was no doubt that it had been her,

But the Guardians were wiser than to not risk that feud


I suppose we all have our vices,

No one is flawless,  immune

I moved towards the herbs and spices,

Each had its own spelled silver spoon


“Stardust you say,

No I can’t say we have any,

Check with the Wizard, he may”

Knowing full well there were wizards plenty


I knew which wizard she meant,

But I wasn’t interested in going to him,

Besides, I knew her intent

To make me go away, but I’m not that dim


“I know you have some,

Or I would have gone to the wizard,

We both know I’m not that dumb,”

I said, spying a blue-tongued lizard


Impossible, those belonged only to the Guardians

Unless the one I sensed was very close,

But then I would have gotten a warning,

My power would come alive, so he was far I suppose


Theadora seemed entirely oblivious,

Getting me the last of the stardust,

I knew I would pay soon, but I felt victorious

I should’ve been more careful, more quick to mistrust


“You’ll pay my master,

When he calls,”

I began to sense disaster,

I needed to get out and rush past the stalls


“Of course I know,

This isn’t my first purchase,”

My charms had begun to glow,

Making me nervous


I rushed out as fast as I could,

Running to my home,

In the witch town in the woods,

Knowing these streets were unsafe to roam


That’s when he caught me,

The blasted Guardian brat,

Now I knew why the stardust had seemed free,

Theodora’s master’d thrown me to the rat


I struggled and fought,

But there was no escaping,

The net was covered in witch knots,

I hid the stardust without hesitating


I put in one last effort,

Before everything went black,

It felt like I’d been struggling forever,

When my head finally hit the ground with a crack


Image: Google, Flickr


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