I decided to go and see,

The man who sold me the spell,

The old man looked far too carefree,

Particularly for one who was an outcast as well


“The spell you sold me is defective,”

I said, not bothering to hide my frustration,

“I assure, it’s perfectly effective”

He responded, without a moment’s hesitation


“If you truly believe that,

Your getting a little too old for this business”

I told the old bat,

Yet he didn’t so much as grimace


“The spell is fine,

Though I’m no expert,

And if it didn’t work,

The fault’s not mine”


“Are you implying I’m too weak,

To cast your defective spell”

Oh the nerve, the cheek

To imply I had no skill


“Give it here,”

He said, asking for the spell

I gave it to him to peer,

To examine and tell


Instead he rolled it up,

And put it on his shelf,

He picked out a cup,

Pouring tea for himself


I was becoming agitated,

With the old man’s antics,

But he seemed entirely captivated,

With his tea, slowly growing frantic


He took the spell and put it in the tea,

Leaving me too shocked to protest,

Had he gone crazy,

My patience was certainly being put to the test


Finally, the old man laughed,

He appeared possessed,

“Are you daft,”

Shock gone, fury no longer repressed


“Well, of course your spell didn’t work,

You forgot an important piece,”

He informed me with a smirk,

And my fury only increased


“You didn’t mention anything else,

And now your telling me I was missing something,”

I screamed upon impulse,

Knowing I would do most anything


“You need some stardust,

And a hunter’s compass,”

I couldn’t help it, I cussed

But I couldn’t afford to put up a fuss


Stardust I could get,

One way or another,

Though even that could upset my quest,

But I don’t know what I could do about the other


A hunter’s compass never left a hunter’s hand,

Witch hunters mind you,

For the rest of us they were banned,

And a hunter’s house would be difficult to break into


Not that I wanted to go anywhere near that place,

Considering I am their prey,

I had no choice in any case,

This was quickly becoming a dangerous game to play


But play I would,

Blast the old man,

I took the spell and left as soon as I could,

I left with only the bare skeleton of a plan


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