If the Guardians saw me now,

I wonder, would they accuse me of cheating,

I know my spells are not allowed,

But I found it too intriguing


It isn’t the first time I’ve broken the rules,

And it won’t be the last,

I know the Guardians aren’t fools,

But they refused to help when I asked


See, they left me no choice,

I can’t just let my sister go,

To accept never again hearing her voice,

No, I have to do this and I have to do it solo


For the last year,

People have been going missing,

Taken, leaving no clues but a bright red smear

A smear of blood, fresh and dripping


The Guardians don’t know where,

The people are being taken,

I’m trying to not despair,

But it feels like us they’ve forsaken


The Guardians don’t know who,

Or even what,

This they refuse to look into,

I swear, they’ve all gone nuts


Instead, they’re butting in where they don’t belong,

Meddling with our affairs,

We witches try to play along,

But they won’t catch us unawares


I’ve done this spell right,

Yet it isn’t working,

Its way past midnight,

This is most disconcerting


Have I been cheated,

Was the spell never meant to be cast,

I’m beginning to feel rather defeated,

And morning is arriving fast


I suppose I’ll have to wait

Until tomorrow night,

Myself, I berate

The spell, I’ll once again recite

I’m thinking about writing a story in this form. Warning: It’s going to be cliche, but it should be helpful in practicing a somewhat stricter rhyme scheme than I’m used to. Enjoy  :D.

Image: Google, Pixabay