Breathing hard,

Sirens behind me,

Running fast, away from the guard

– I trip and scrape my knee


Get up, get up fast,

They aren’t far behind,

After all, I’m the outcast

The undefined


How did it all go so wrong,

What is my mistake,

Did they know all along,

That I’m the one who doesn’t belong


No, I wasn’t supposed to be here,

And I’m sorry for the mess I’ve created,

But I must disappear,

This, I never anticipated


My leaving is the best fix,

Though I don’t want to,

This world and mine should never mix,

Oh, where is the gate I fell through


I can’t run for much longer,

Not with my knee like this,

If only I was a bit stronger,

If only my shot hadn’t missed


It’s too late for regrets,

What’s done is done,

I think the gate was here, more or less

Time to jump…Three, Two, One


Image: Google, Pixabay