I hear the whispers,

I feel the pull

The tides come in,

And it’s trying to drag me back

Out to the sea of pain and no mercy


The storm in the ocean,

Is dark and frothing

There is no escaping,

Once its winds and waves take you


I try to resist,

To push the other way

I’m not sure I can,

Come back,

If I’m pulled away


I hear the storm,

Calling to me

I try to resist,

But I’m not sure how long,

I can hold on like this


I know that,

As soon as I give an inch,

I will be lost

So with all my might,

I ignore the call


The storm’s calls,

Only get stronger

When will they weaken,

When will I be free,

From this torment


This torment,

This storm,

All exist,

Within my mind


I hear the storm calling,

And I try,

To not get swept away

Into the darkest places,

In the storm,

In my mind


Image: Google, Pexels