Poems are just,

Lists of words,

Strung together

In an evocative manner


Here is another,

Another such list,

Of words,

Strung together


Things I miss,

From childhood:

Endless energy,

A new world to explore,

Few chores,

Restful sleep,

And an innocent perspective


Things I have gained,

In adolescence:

Life long friends,

A sense of humour,

Skills in sarcasm

Realizations about reality,

A new perspective


Things I wish to have,

In adulthood:

My life long friends,

By my side

To meet the one,

The right guy

To have a career,

That I find fulfilling

To remain close to my family,


And to be proud,

Of what I have achieved


Those are my lists,

For my past,

My present,

And my future


Image: Google, Pixabay