A portrait can capture,

My outward appearance,

But it cannot tell you who I am,

The who lies within


They say the windows are the eyes to the soul,

But can you see the real me,

Through a picture,

Forever frozen in time?


It would take,

A picture for every experience,

I have endured

For every memory,

I cherish

For every mistake,

From which I learned

Because the human soul is a complicated thing


Perhaps words can paint a better picture,

Let my pen be my brush,

My vocabulary my paint,

A blank page my canvas,

And the world my muse

The world within,

As well as the world outside


Let my words guide you,

Through a journey of my dreams,

Through a journey of my mind,

Through a journey of my soul,

An incomplete journey,

But still an insightful one


Here is what I know,

About myself so far

What I have learned,

In my short time,

On  our glorious earth


I wear many hats,

But through it all I am a joker

I love amusement,

I thrive on joy,

I have an infatuation with sarcasm,

Perhaps a dangerous one


I am serious,

About issues close to my heart,

Those of equality,

Of health,

Of justice,

Of safety


I am indecisive,

About my future,

About my career,

About the life I want to live,

And where I want my life to lead


I love to learn,

All sorts of things

I love to write,

Poems and stories

I love to meet,

New people

I love to debate,

Just about everything


Now you have,

A puzzle piece,

Of my soul

I hope it helps,

To paint a picture,

At least in part


I can never truly capture,

Any individual

I can never render,

Any soul

With words, paint or pictures

But I can give you pieces,

To fit together

In a jigsaw puzzle

Wow, that got long fast. Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Hope you learned a little bit more about me though.


Image: Google, Flickr