I’ve seen many odd vessels,

Land in our craters,

But only one,

Landed on our side, dear investigator


I’m telling you the truth,

Truly I am,

I can show you the moon you’ve never seen,

Just let me draw you a diagram


Here you see,

On this side of the moon,

It rarely faces your planet,

But it will, very soon


Once every thousandth full moon,

We see the world you call home,

We observe,

From our very own astrodome


Now I grow tired,

Of your repetitive questions,

I’ve told you all I can,

I’ve given you a full confession


Whether you choose to believe me,

Is all up to you,

But wait for the day,

The moon looks blue


For when you see the blue moon,

The rare event takes place,

We see you,

From our place in deep deep space


Go to the moon,

On this day,

To the side you almost never see,

Quickly, before we once again face the other way


That is where you’ll find your missing vessel,

Apollo 18, that disappeared last June,

Dear investigator, I’ll be waiting for you

On the dark side of the moon

I started reading other responses to the Daily Prompt “Moon”, and it reminded me of a book I read  little while ago.

Three teens are selected to go to the abandoned space station from a failed mission to the moon, many years ago. All goes well until they begin seeing evidence of sabotage on the station. But who lives there, on the station on the dark side of the moon? Once they manage to spy one of their saboteurs, they see that it shares a chilling likeness to one of the other astronauts. It seems, the dark side of the moon replicates all who enter, and they aim to take the place of the original.

It was a good book, and I won’t spoil the ending. Although I forgot the title of this book and no google searches have helped me find it :(. Anyway, I hope you liked the poem, which is also written in a similar style to yesterdays.

Image: Google, Wikimedia