It was late,

Mothers had tucked their children into bed,

They made haste,

Finally able to rest their heads


We waited,

To ensure no one was awake,

We were becoming rather frustrated,

But we waited, for their sake


When all was finally quiet,

The moon rose high,

Soon we would riot,

Through the streets nearby


The trees blew a soft wind,

You could feel the chill,

The veil between living and dead thinned,

We would dance until we’d had our fill


And dance we did,

All through the night,

And once we tired, we hid

To dance another time, in the moonlight

This one was a bit different from most of the poems I’ve posted before. Those are usually just me writing out my feelings and frustrations, while this was inspired by the responses to the daily prompt “Ghost”. Let me know what you think!

Image: Google, Wikimedia