Thoughts are like Chinese handcuffs,

They weave a web

And the more you struggle to escape,

The tighter they pull


Leaving images,


And memories

To haunt your mind,

Like ghosts


They do not hold,

The same power as the thought,

That brought them into being

But they hold the appearance,

Of the once alive thought


You feel them

Like phantoms dancing,

Across your head

Whenever you try to forget,

Whenever you try to control,

The ghosts of thoughts,

That haunt your mind


But ghosts they are,

For they do not hold the same power,

They do not hold,

The insight you received,

From the once alive thought


They still exist,

Due to that insight,

And what you thought,

The insight meant to you

What you thought,

The insight meant about you


They are merely the ghosts of thoughts,

Yet it feels as if they control you,

They possess your mind

Because you fear,

The power they might hold


I am telling you now,

They hold no power,

They mean nothing,

So do not focus,

On trying to extort these thoughts


Let them be,

And see,

How they fade away,

For they are just,

Ghosts of thoughts


Image: Google, Pixabay