My mind is obsessed,

My body is possessed,

I’m constantly stressed,

Been put to the ultimate test


Can’t tell if I’m still sane

Or if my efforts are in vain

For when does sanity end,

And when does insanity begin?


I’m stuck in this state,

Between living and dead,

I am no longer living,

But I am left breathing


I’m waiting for someone,

Someone to help me,

Someone to save me,

But no one will come


Because the only person who can save me,

The only person who has the power,

The only person who has the choice

Is me


And I’m trying,

Trying to get out of this hole,

That I dug without knowing

Trying to get out of this fog,

That surrounds my mind

Trying to save myself,

To save my soul


I can’t tell if it’s working,

But maybe you can

Maybe you can see,

From outside of me,

Whether I am extracting myself,

From my obsession

Or just falling deeper

Into oblivion

Image: Google