While I live in Canada, the American Presidential race has attracted eyes from all over the world. Is it because American politics are more interesting? Is that a good thing? To me it seems like the American Presidential race is akin to a reality series on TV, and now Canadians are tuning in. More specifically Canadians who don’t typically care for politics. That’s not to say we don’t realize how important the election is, because most of us do and we do take it seriously. But the absurdity of the current race simply cannot be missed.

Many people in my area were holding on to hope for Bernie Sanders, but it seems that train has left station, so to speak. So now we are left with Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. And according to NY Times, neither republican supporters nor democrat supporters are happy with their candidates. It seems the American population is left choosing the lesser of the two evils (honestly how many Canadians would describe the recent Federal Election as well). Neither is the current president, Barack Obama, whose comment has been all over the news.

Now, neither candidate is without their faults, obviously. Let’s look at some key points that you have all surely heard. On top of the list is Clinton’s scandal, which will likely be on voters minds. That has to do with Trump’s campaign as well as the media in general.  Then there are her conservative views on same-sex marriage. Clinton is also the first female candidate from a major party. What is the likelihood that America will vote a woman into office, particularly when that woman is Hillary Clinton? Especially after having spent the last 8 years with the first black president, who also happened to be a democrat. You would think that with all of this against her, Clinton doesn’t stand a chance.

But, possibly due to the other candidate in this absurd election, she does stand a chance.  I suppose I’ll summarize Trumps faults (I warn you, this is going to be rather long), which most of us already know by heart, even in Canada. Get ready to groan because here it is: the wall. A wall. Between the American and Mexican border which is supposed to keep the illegal immigrants entering from Mexico out. Which is supposedly going to be paid for by the Mexican government. I just have one question: how? How are you legitimately going to force the Mexican government to pay for the wall? Will there be one door in this supposed wall that will be controlled by security?And how do you plan to keep people from going around the wall, by sea? How can you judge an entire country based on a  few bad apples? I’m not saying they are entirely innocent, but  I know for a fact that they are not all bad. As for illegal immigration, there are other ways to stop it. And all a wall is going to do is make the people planning on illegal immigration more creative. And I suppose a wall between Canada and America is next?

Furthermore, a ban on Muslim Immigrants. Due to my having grown up where I have grown up, I can’t understand how someone can negatively label all of the people of one race because of something one of them did. I understand 9/11 was horrible and uncalled for, but I don’t think  a ban on Muslim Immigrants is going to prevent a disaster like that from happening again. In all honesty, it could just as likely fuel another such attack.

OK, I’m confused about where he stands on climate change since he seemed against it, but made a few comments supporting renewable energy. Even so, he supports fracking and mining so I’m going to say he is against climate change. Personally, I believe climate change is real and it is a huge threat, so to me, this  is a flaw I felt the need to mention.

Trump is also very confusing when it comes to his views on abortion. It seems he has amended his stance to be a bit more pro-choice. I’m not sure by how much though.

Lets not forget that he’s declared bankruptcy 4 times in his life! But the American populace is thinking about putting him in charge of the country’s economy. Hmmm…I’m not sure a country can declare bankruptcy although there is probably something similar. I’ll look into it. In the meantime, you can see why this worries me. Particularly because due to globalization, one country effects every country. If the American economy takes a plunge you bet Canada’s will too, as well as a few other countries. Then the nations tied to those countries will take the plunge and before you know it, world chaos!

Since I recently completed grade 10 history, I can’t help but compare Trump to Hitler. I am probably the only one who sees these similarities.  Trump, like Hitler, is appealing to many people. He claims he will make America strong again, as Hitler claimed he was doing for Germany. Trump seems dead set against Mexicans and Muslims, while Hitler was against Jews. Hitler remains one of the most memorable dictators in history. But many of us forget that he was voted in. He appealed to the people and they voted him in, because before he became the feared “Der Fuhrer”, he sounded great. Yet Trump doesn’t even sound good, but there it is a possible that he will win this election. Talk about real life getting scary.

President Obama’s recent remarks about Trump’s being “woefully unprepared” for presidency aren’t very comforting either. Not to mention the numerous conventions that have been held in the past few months while Obama remains president, such as the Three Amigos summit, the summit about climate change after the general failure of Kyoto Protocol, and NATO. To me, it seemed like Obama was trying to settle everything before the federal election takes place, and to prepare America for the possibility of Trump becoming president.

You know, one of my friends was watching a video about Trump, and the entire time she believed she was watching an attack ad. At the end she realized she had been watching a video meant to promote Trump. At the time I thought it was hilarious, since most of us didn’t believe he could ever secure the Republican nomination. Yet he did.

While I know that Hilary Clinton is no angel, this election seems to be about choosing the lesser of two evils. Evidently I believe that is Clinton. Well, that is my two cents.

Hmmmmmmm. It seems this became more of a rant about my opinions on how unfit Donald Trump is to be president, and I apologize. But hey, it’s my blog which reflects me and my views ;).

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I’m probably going to get some interesting comments about this. Well, feel free to let me know what I messed up, which facts I mixed up and what you simply don’t agree with. As always, please refrain from the use of profanity. And don’t worry, I’m not going to start posting tons of political pieces. It just so happens that this one caught my attention. Until next time :).