Like hawks
On my life

Never letting me,
Letting me sleep
Letting me have fun with my friends
Letting me be with my family
Letting me enjoy living my life

Can’t stop them
Can’t give in to them
I’m stuck,
In a never ending circle

I’m stuck waiting,
Waiting for them to go,
Waiting for someone to come save me,
Waiting to take my life back

But alas, I’m stuck
For every step I take forward,
I take 2 steps back
And fall back
Into my never ending cycle

While the thoughts,
Like hawks
On my life

Lately I’ve just been feeling stuck in a cycle of the same thoughts over and over. They get boring but there is nothing else to do or think about since it’s summer. Well, I could be doing chores, but they are so boring that my brain is able to continue with my endless cycle of thoughts at the same time. So I thought, why not write about that? Well, that concludes the second post of August. Feel free to let me know what gets stuck in your head;-).