Tick tock,
Says the clock
Counting down
Seconds, minutes, hours
Until your time runs out

It seems to me that time has a strong hold on us.

Time is constant (in this universe at least), and we have no choice but to make plans according to it. You make plans to eat, clean, work, blog ūüėČ at certain times according to the clock.

Time is constant, but our grasp on it isn’t. Time flies when your having fun, yet slows down when your not. Waiting makes ten minutes stretch on forever, but talking to your friends makes ten minutes feel more like ten seconds.¬†Time seems to freeze when you are going through a difficult time in your life, but the world keeps on spinning.¬†Time is a complex ordeal.

If time were a good, it would be in high demand. There has probably been an event when you, like everyone else, wanted just a little bit more of it. But time does not favor anyone, it remains a constant in our lives. We use clocks as an instrument to measure it, to try and make sure we have time to get everything done.

So, as a friend of mine is fond of saying, Time is precious, waste it wisely.