I read today’s prompt and instantly started wondering if it meant drive as in a vehicle or as in determination. Yes, I tend look into things deeply and even end up confusing myself on a test by questioning the questions and my response. I get many easy questions wrong that way :-(.

Anyway, recently one of my assignments for math class (I’m fast tracking in summer school) is to pick a car and calculate how much it would cost to buy, own and use. Of course the math comes in when deciding on things like insurance and payment methods (with interest).

One part was to ask an insurance company how much your insurance would be. I really wanted to say “Sir, I’m not old enough to have a car, I have no license and no insurance company will currently give me insurance for my ‘car'”. I didn’t but it would have been fun to see his reaction.

Well that concludes my first response to the daily prompt. Until next time ;-).