Life is complicated. Or maybe we make it complicated. It is full of uncertainties, obstacles and pain. But it is also full of adventure, miracles and love. It is impossible to understand even if you were given a hundred lifetimes. But I guess I am going to try and I’ll share my findings, experiences and opinions here.

Sorry for the title, which might be a bit of a misnomer…actually I made it complicated on purpose so I guess I’m not. Oh well ;-). As many of you might already know, an odyssey is a journey full of adventures or experiences that give the “adventurer” knowledge and wisdom. While I intend to learn more, I make no promises on the wisdom.

As for Atlantis, some believe that it exists while others don’t. A good mystery is always fun. Atlantis was recorded by Plato, and it was a heaven on earth until the inhabitants became corrupt. It reminds of our society. It seems like we’ve gone from a simple world to a complicated one. A world full of inequalities, greed and corrupt people. But there is hope there too. And that is what I wish to explore and share.

So my odyssey in Atlantis is my journey through our modern day society, while I gain experiences which increase my knowledge and understanding of the world. You will see opinion pieces here, and I apologize in advance for getting details mixed up. I’m young and only now waking up to the world around me.

Besides opinions or other cool things I come across, you’ll see some of my written works. I like to write poems and sometimes short stories, as well as reading. I apologize for the grammar mistakes in those ;-). Eventually I’ll get around to adding a page about me, although none of you really need it.

I hope you have as much fun reading my posts as I do writing them, and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as well. A good discussion is always welcome, although I do have to ask for you to refrain from the use of profanity. Thank you and enjoy :-).