First, if you haven’t read the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu, GO AND READ IT! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trilogy (it is my favorite), and that is definitely saying something because I have read so many YA novels by now that the stories get repetitive in terms of theme.

If you have read the trilogy, you know that the last book leaves the rest of the story open and I loved the openness of that and how the ending was left to the reader. However it did irk me and  a friend of mine that the trilogy did not have a ‘full’ ending. In fact, I jokingly referred to it as an ending that was “so bad that it was so good”. Evidently, we did not receive enough closure from Marie Lu’s ending (which was amazing!). So I wrote us an extension to it titled “Silver Lining”.

SPOILER WARNING: If you have yet to read Champion, or any of the books, don’t read my extension! In addition, I apologize for facts I may have mixed up and again for the grammar and punctuation. But, without further ado, here it is.

Please let me know what you think ;-).